I Like You If You Like Me Hand-painted Watercolor Postcard

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I really really love this old hand-painted postcard...the tongue on that little black dog! It reminds me of passed notes in grade school (i.e. 'Do You Like XX? Check Yes or No') but how much more charming, with this wonderful little girl in floppy hat and I'm not quite sure what in her hands (the postcard?), marching hearts along the bottom, and the perfect phrase to cautiously broadcast her affection for the recipient--who appears first to have been a Dorothy Hittle, but later someone named Turner it seems! I'd guess the Mich at the bottom may refer to Michigan but am not sure. Truly a perfect gift for a crush of any age, I think!

3 3/8" x 5 1/4". Good overall condition. There is a bit of tearing/roughness just to the surface of the cardstock-weight paper at her feet and on the neighboring heart, a few light stains here and there, and some bumping to the corners. All pretty minor.