Huns and Plunderers, Amazing Antique Hand-painted Lead Figures

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Not for the faint of heart, many of these lead toy "huns" and "plunderers" are brutal, but they're also amazing looking, and wonderfully dramatic, and I might arrange them with some sort of force for good (Godzilla, say, or a powerful carved or sculpted goddess) looming over, about to turn the tables and deliver justice!

I have never seen and can't find another set like them, which I would guess, by comparison with sets of lead toy soldiers and the like, date sometime 1900-1920. I am listing them as a set, including for the fact that the box they come in is pretty terrific, with deadpan "Huns plunderers" typed on the top, and simply "foreign" stamped on the lid underside.  

There are 17 pieces in total, with some duplicates, as pictured. Box: 2 1/8" x 2 15/16" x 1". Figures average about 1 5/16"  tall. Some paint loss and I believe one plunderer is missing a sword, but overall very good condition, standing straight and sturdy, richly hand-painted on both sides, and very fun to arrange.