Hugely Empathetic Old Painted Make Do Wooden Doll

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This one...oh, how could I to leave her behind? She looks to me to have been fashioned from whatever pieces of scrap wood were lying around many many years ago, and then given this terrific paint job, with big white painted buttons down the front of her blue dress, and a vaguely face-like face that perhaps only a mother -- or motherly sort! --could love! (And then excellent bright yellow for the back of her head.) Her carved arms, held on with nails at the shoulders, move back and forth, and her curiously jointed knees allow her lower legs to kick out to the sides, which is how she balances best, though still needs something to lean against. I love her.

10 5/8" t x 3 1/4" w x 2" d. There is a split in the wood at the bottom of her dress just above the nails, but due to the way she is constructed, she is holding together ok, just needs to be handled with some care. She is not especially sturdy on her legs when they are fully extended; best to display her resting on her knees, or fashion a stand, or hang her up by her head!