Huge Folk Art Lobster Claw Face!

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Oh the weird and wonderful things people have made! I think of painted lobster claws like this as coastal New England's answer to British vertebrae bone painted in the likeness of John Wesley. I believe this huge hand-painted claw likely dates to the early 20th century, and, found in Maine, would guess that is likely where it originated. Really, who doesn't need one of these?!

11 1/8" l x 4 1/2" t x 2 3/8" d and in great condition. It does not seem that the claw opens--at least not easily, and I'm not eager to try to force it. Painted on both sides, nicely aged. There is a a scratch or scuff over the white of the eye on one side and very minor paint loss otherwise, no real matter, and not a notable crack or chip that I can see.