HUGE and Beautiful Old Hand-turned Wooden Bowl

Regular price $160.00

When I grabbed this wonderful old wooden bowl at a recent sale, it was "oohed" and "aahed" over the entire time I held it in my arms on the way to check out. It really is a beauty. And huge! With a diameter of 19 inches, it would hold just about anything you might want to put in it and there would still be room for more!

The wood grain is lovely and this bowl's got a great patina.  As evident from the photos, it's well worn, with a little roughness in a couple of spots around the edge and one dark stain on the inside of the bowl. I think these only add to its appeal. This would be equally fabulous at the center of a long farmhouse table or on the counter of a minimal white kitchen. Just gorgeous.

19" in diameter, 7 5/8" tall, 7" at base.