Houses Nestled in Landscape, Atmospheric Antique Folk Art Painting in Period Frame

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Photos of this one do it no justice--the colors are hard to capture, and there is both a sort of glow and a definite coziness about the painting that don't full come across. On the far horizon, just barely visible along the top edge of the painting, is a glimpse of blue sky, but otherwise its all about this house/these houses (hard to tell if conjoined or two separate structures) being nestled in against the hillside. With these young trees like a screen all across the front, lending a certain wildness but also amplifying the sense of specific place-ness and atmosphere. I love a house portrait and the house/houses in the one definitely feel like protagonists--and somewhat elusive ones, in all good ways. 

 7 7/16 x 8 5/8. Painting: 6 5/16 x 5 3/16. Oil on artist board, as found in a great old wood frame with perfect patina. Late 19th/early 20th I believe.