House Perched on Cliff, Earlyish 19th C. Folk Art Watercolor

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This one I believe was done by the same Lucy Jones as a pair of sketchbooks I am listing next--who, from a handwritten (and undated) obituary tucked into one of the sketchbooks, I know was a school teacher also with a "cunning hand" in "housewifery, needlework, drawing and painting, flower culture and in many other occupations requiring taste and patience and skill of eye and touch." I believe this watercolor dates to the 1830s-40s or so, with a rich green lushness to the trees (I especially love the row of five dotting the far horizon) and a compelling sense of drama to the whole scene (one wonders what is going on inside this fortress-like structure perched on its cliff!) Very atmospheric, and would really sing in a simple period frame.

10 3/4" x 7 1/2" and in good condition. Watercolor on card weight paper, with some toning/staining visible around the unpainted perimeter but not much visible on the painting itself--just a little in the pale blue sky, I don't think detracting.)