Handmade Antique Horsehair Brush with Turned Handle and Pink Cloth Wrap

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I'd guess this lovely old handmade brush, with its hand-sewn pink cloth wrapped ferrule, is Victorian, but I'm not completely sure, and I'm also not entirely certain whether it was intended as a crumb brush, or a clothes brush, or what. It's quite a sweet one though, with the horsehair woven through what seems likely to be linen cloth (visible just above the scalloped edge of the pink cloth), and a nicely shaped turned wooden handle. The fabric, which seems maybe like well worn velvet, is indeed well worn and threadbare in a few spots, and there are a couple of dark spots on the wooden handle, but the bristles are full and firmly attached and it remains a lovely thing. 

7 7/8" long x 2 1/8" diameter at bristles; handle measures 1 3/4" across at ferrule.