Horatio Crane Penmanship + Math Notebook, 1816, Boston MA

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Horatio Crane (October 26, 1803- February 20, 1894), who kept this large penmanship and math notebook in 1816, was the son Abijah Crane Jr. (August 24, 1777-Mar. 1, 1854), the author of two other notebooks I just listed, who was himself to the son of Abijah Crane (1741-1817), who served a revolutionary soldier of MA and was a member of the Boston Tea Party. Kind of amazing that these have endured, and I really love how the phrases, as well as the math problems, reveal so much about the times--in this case with the penmanship phrases seeming to reflect the Second Great Awakening, as they are very much concerned with matters of morality.

Plain blue paper cover, the notebook starts in with penmanship from one end, and flips over to start with math from other, with red as well as black ink used for the math section and headers for several poems. Math includes matters relating to all sorts of measure (ale/beer measure, dry measure, apothecaries weight, cloth measure, mine measure, long measure (length), wine measure, avoirdupois measure (pounds and ounces) etc as well as addition, multiplication, division, etc. Penmanship includes a number of poems and phrases. 

35 pages filled front and back. 12 x 7 5/8”. A little darkening to first page, a bit of age toning, pages all well bound by strong but cover is loose. My photos are not very good - pages are general brighter, clearer and easier to read than my photos portray.