Old Homemade (Boy Scout?) Portable Sundial

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Since finding a wonderful antique brass pocket sun dial last summer, I've had an eye out for portable sun dials, so scooped this curious little one up when I found it. I might guess it was made by a boy scout leader many years ago, though I don't know for sure. It's made out of masonite board, like that used for clipboards, with a red painted steel gnomon (the part that casts a shadow), which one would position at a 90 degree angle, aligned with 12 o'clock, to use it. To me it feels akin to folk art clock faces used for teaching how to tell time (which I also always have an eye out for!) and I really like the patterns of the hand-drawn face, reading like petals of a lotus flower or the plumes of a peacock!) and roman numerals painted in gold. With a varnish finish over top. 

4 5/8" x 4 3/4". Good condition with some craquelure to the varnish, and one small patch or irregularity to the finish at lower right, as documented.