Homemade Antique Stereoview, Seated Woman in Hat in Landscape

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I just love this image of young woman in fancy hat perched on what looks like a tree stump, hands folded primly on her knee and gazing off into space looking quite contemplative. There seems to me a certain absurdity to it all--out in the middle of nowhere posing for a serious portrait--but I also find a certain poignancy to it, as if a portrait of a woman stuck, looking in one direction while there is a whole world unfolding in the other (at upper right one can just glimpse water, and what looks to be a city.) And, for me, the splatter to the card at left for me rather adds to the effect.

7 x 3 7/16. Visible stain at left and a couple of light stains and one surface scratch on the photo. Minor curvature to the card.