Folk Art Figure in Coffin with Hand-drawn Face and Surprise Inside

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I've had a few of these coffin-encased carved figures with pop up phalluses over time, which are always fun, and which I especially appreciate for the differences among them. I've not seen another like this one, with carved out window on the front of the coffin revealing the face of the figure--and the face, with graphite features, looks to me more like that of a woman than a man, which makes the reveal all the better! It's also a bit unusual in that the figure is permanently encased; only the lower half of the box opens, sliding like the lid of a puzzle box, while the top half is entirely nailed shut.  Quite a nicely shaped and constructed coffin too!

4" l x 1 7/8" w x 3/4" t and in very good overall condition. There is some wear/loss to the graphite drawn features on the face, as detailed.