Here is Your Picture, Easter Greetings Hand-drawn Postcard with Great Back

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While announcing Easter Greetings, I think this postcard is so good it transcends time of year, and I at least would be very happy to look at it everyday! The reverse side is equally good, with the most curious message, hard to know if tongue in cheek or not: "Here is your picture, I don't know as I dare to come over if you feel as ugly as you look." !!!!!!!!!

Early 20th century, black ink on cream stock. The postcard back is not printed but rather completely hand done. There is a triangle of discoloration along the top on the reverse that makes it look as if it might be a fold, bit it is not, it's just darker. Other than a few scattered stains on the back and blue ink scratches over the stamp, it's in great condition. 3.5" x 5.25"