Her Face Would Stop a Clock, 1908 Hand-drawn Postcard

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I think this woman has a bit of a Cruella de Vil look about her, with a Dalmation-like polka dotted dress to boot, but whoever drew her seems to have been tremendously enamored with her loveliness! It seems it could actually be a self-portrait of the sender, remembering herself in this dress she once wore, and perhaps replaying comments--real or imagined, tongue-in cheek or no?-- from admirers when she did so. The hand-written caption "her face would stop a clock" just kills me, as do the swirls of ink-drawn line detailing the lace covering her neck.

3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and in overall good condition, with scattered staining as evident. Address and postmarked 1908 on reverse.