Harvey Stoughton's Early 19th Century Notebook with Diagrams, Drawings, Text

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This little notebook is a delicate one--small, comprised of 8 laid paper folios written on in black ink that burned through in a few spots, resulting in one loose page from where it did. Filling it is a curious mix of geometrical diagrams, a few I believe relating to surveying land but also a beautiful two page spread just diagramming geometric shapes; a couple of sketches of moons; a few drawings of houses including one labeled "the House that Harvey built"; a poem about the joys of spring; the little ditty "Thirty days has September"...and a few other little odds and ends. I find it very beautiful, and also love that it feels very much a product of the thinking of Harvey himself as opposed to a notebook just keeping to assignments!

I found one record of a Harvey Stoughton of Windsor Connecticut, 1787-1846, and one of a Harvey Stoughton from Winchendon, MA 1819-1835). I would guess this belonged to one of the two so dates to sometime between the very beginning of the 19th century and the very early 1830s.

6 5/8" x 3 7/8". 7 pp plus one loose page, all filled on both sides (so 14 sides); I don't believe there was ever a cover. Tears, stains, toning, etc. as pictured, but other than the loose page stable and holding together pretty well.