Harry's Reading Book, C. 1856, with Hand-colored Illustrations

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Just a lovely little book, published by Willis P. Hazard, Philadelphia, and quite a rare one from what I can tell, finding only a couple of records of other copies held in library collections. There was a second edition published in 1862, but I believe this is the first edition. Curiously (though written in the first person, so he might be the narrator) Harry is only mentioned once--as a blind old man, who is patient and does not complain, but gives thanks for his many blessings. Otherwise we hear of Charlie and John and Jane, ice skating and snow shoes and lying among the weeds and deers with pretty horns. With beautiful large text lettering and sixteen hand-colored illustrations. 

I believe the cover with embossed pattern was once maroon but now it appears dark gray.  The spine is much worn but the stitched binding is holding together. Inside there is some pencil scribbling on a handful of blank pages and end papers.  Square. 4 1/2" x 5 3/8". 62 pages.