Hard-carved Man in Black with Mullet on (Three-wheeled) Motorcycle

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Slightly ridiculous, but kind of awesome too, and as is most often the case with handmade things reflecting a singular vision and invested with lots of effort and determination, there was no way I could resist it!!! I really really love this guy's long long, presumably leather-clad legs, plus his cap and pointy nose to match, and of course that mullet. His hand-drawn face is pretty good too, and those rhinestone-esque head light and tail lights. Quite a fun one and a great gift I'd think for any motorcycle-loving or adventure-fantasizing friend or partner! 

9" long x 6 1/4" tall x 3 3/8" wide. I know from the person I bought this from that they purchased it at a motorcycle swap meet in Iowa, and that it was originally found in Woodstock, NY. 1970s or so I would guess, and in very good condition. The wheels do turn by hand but it doesn't really roll. Carved of wood with I'm not quite sure what used for the back of the hair!