Handwoven Kilim with Trees, Animals and Figure, Presumed Polish

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From the overall composition to the tiny details, I find this handwoven vintage kilim rug or tapestry super evocative, and quite extraordinary....starting with those trees, fantastically expressive from branches to roots!  Better for you to look than for me to describe, but the yield is a landscape that feels like a whole world unto itself, product of a singular artistic vision. And how to beat the little shepherd at bottom, with what look like big pink ears (plus tiny brown boots), taking in the sounds of the little lambs (I'd guess?) and birds around him. Just fantastic.

I purchased this piece at an estate sale in Ipswich, MA filled with many very fine antiques. It was described as Polish, and I'd guess second half of the 20th century, but really don't know any more specifically about it than that. Definitely hand-woven of wool, very finely done, and I'd guess one of a kind. Excellent condition; clearly this was never walked on!  Definitely worthy of hanging, but wonderful as a rug, too--and a good sized one at 70 1/2" x 40 1/4" (so almost 6 x  3 1/2 feet), not including fringe, which adds  3" on either side. No tag or other identifying mark. The last photo is of the backside of the rug.