SOLD Handsome Presumed English Hand-carved White Pigeon Decoy on Burl

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I found this one in New Hampshire, but most decoys in this manner are English, as I assume this one is; I am not an expert but have been eyeing decoys of this ilk for a long time!  Based on comparisons, I believe early-ish 20th century, and fairly unusual for being primarily white, with gray only on the tail feathers. I believe, especially based on the shape of the beak, that it is meant to be a pigeon, but the white I think makes it an especially special feeling pigeon, rather like a dove! Happily it’s base is a beautiful large burl, which adds I think to a sense of specialness and makes it feel much wilder and more like a shore bird.

13 3/8" tall standing on its base, 14 1/4" long measured on the square. Body is 3 7/8" w; burl base approx 5 3/8" w. Good condition, sound and sturdy, with a little cracking to the paint around the beak and minor paint loss in a couple of spots, as documented, where underpaint shows through as orange.