Handsome Mustachioed Man with Bum Leg and Black Boots Folk Art Carving

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Among my very favorite carved folk art figures I've found, this handsome guy, in his long mustache and tall black boots, looks very much like a wrestler or strong man to me, and ready for action!  I love everything about him, but perhaps especially his right leg, which, clearly carved of the same wood as the rest of of him, looks almost as if an intentionally crafted false leg. Photos tell the story best, but what a beautiful thing the way that leg was jointed to the rest of him. It appears that his arms we once attached by wooden pegs but at some point were secured with nails instead; as is, they hang and move fine, one can just see the pegs peeking out behind them from his back side. He will stand on his own on a flat surface (I've used a little wooden match box in photos to give him a stable platform) but a little wax under his feet might be helpful in preventing tipping in the breeze. Super.

8 7/8" t x 3" w x 2 7/8" d and in good condition. It appears there may be an old repair to the toe of one foot, stable now.