Handmade Bristle Cone Pine Tree Trunk / Limb Lidded Box Signed JE Lux

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I've been loving lots of trompe l'oeil tree bark looking things, but here is a real one! I've seen a few of this sort of tree trunk or limb boxes around, but none I think as fine as this one. It was made from a "400 year old bristle cone pine" by a JE Lux (or JELUX), who clearly had a great deal of respect for this piece of wood, as he took great care crafting it into a beautiful piece. The interior bottom is lined with black velvet; and the top, bottom and inside of the lid have been smoothly sanded and finished. A mix of rustic and refined, this would look great in all sorts of contexts, and is big enough to hold a fair stash of something precious!

5 1/2" across at widest, 4 1/8" tall. Signed on the bottom and in excellent condition.