Folk Art Wooden Submarine with Metal Fins

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Between its form and its fabulous handcut metal fins, this old handmade wooden submarine reminds me very much of folk art ice fishing lures, but there is no iron weight on its underside, so I think maybe it's just its own funky thing? It was constructed of two pieces of wood, nailed to one another all the way around with nice fat nails, and then more nails holding on the various super folky rudders and what not. At either end is a hole, which makes each end look rather like a face -- I am not sure if there was once a propeller attached, but one could certainly be added now, or a flag stuck in, or whatever! 

9 1/2" l x 4 3/4" w x 3 1/2" t and in very good, nicely aged condition. It appears that string or fishing line could be strung through a couple of the metal pieces on top should one wish to suspend it mid-air!