Handmade Wooden Flat Loom with Partial Weaving

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I'd like to think this wonderful old handmade loom was use to weave many a thing prior to being abandoned with this partially finished project still on it, clearly done a very long time ago. The loom itself was made expressly to perform its function: two of the pieces of wood were notched to allow the other two to lock squarely on top of them, then nails where added where they cross. Then 17 evenly spaced (more or less) nails were hammered in along each side to form the loom. Well done!

The weaving on it seems pretty complicated to this novice, seemingly having been worked from both sides. I love the way it looks as it is, and would be inclined to hang it on the wall, though the loom seems to be in great structural shape, with all of the nails sturdily nailed in, so one could absolutely put it to use. 

16 3/4" x 16 1/8" x 2 1/2" deep including nails; wood is 3/4" thick.