Old Handmade Wooden Dominoes in Great Old Slide Top Box

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In my experience, old handmade wooden dominoes are actually scarcer than bone ones, so I'm always glad when I find them, and this set in a great old handmade slide lid pine box, with the name Amanda written in cursive, in graphite, on the underside of the lid. (A last name too, hard to read, and some various additions and subtractions.) I really like the wonkiness to the placement on the dots on these, which were deeply carved then inked/painted white. Made of stained hardwood with a nice grain to it  (one of these days I will learn how to better identify woods, but I must say even with a book and samples I am terrible at it!) A nice set to really play with, and making a nice bright sound when dropped on the table.

Box: 7 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 1 13/16" t. Dominoes 2" x 1". All in very good shape, complete double six set.