Handmade Papier Mache Russian Folk Doll in Lithuanian Costume

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I'm really taken with this little papier mache doll, so finely constructed and painted, and with a presence that far exceeds her diminutive stature (she feels rather like a tower of calm and composure!)  I've learned that she is one of a set of 16 such dolls,  handmade in Russia (in Moscow I believe) in the early 1960s, with traditional costumes representing all of the states of the Soviet Union at the time. She, in shades of white, blue and yellow, with laced up bodice and apron over her skirt, represents Lithuania.

She's in excellent vintage condition (shot here at 2x magnification, revealing very light wear) and measures 3 1/2" tall x 1 5/8 across at base. The underside of the base is stamped Russia, with December 25, 1962 handwritten in blue pen.