Handmade, Jointed Wooden Donkey with Hand-drawn Details

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Marching determinedly toward November 3, this great old handmade donkey, with moveable arms, legs, long tail, and big ears! I love how much the effort that went into making this guy shows, such as the outlines of a previous iteration of the ears visible on one side, and the pencil drawn details all over, from harness to saddle, to eyes and hooves. And all of his parts move well, allowing one to vary his gait and raise his ears and tails straight up, or back. Really a sweet thing and, one hopes, a good luck charm! 

7" long and tall not including tail; 10" with tail extended in either direction; 3/4" thick. Very good condition, no splits or chips, and with some age for sure. He needs to learn against something to stand, or could certainly be hung on the wall.