Handmade Jointed Wooden Animals with Hand-drawn Faces

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I really like whoever made these, clearly with a lot of love invested, including in their pencil-drawn faces, which add a lot of personality. They're super sturdy and not little, either--the giraffe measures almost 10 1/2 tall--so would be especially great for the kids to play around with, perhaps as the inhabitants or a whole farm or circus set up. All the legs move back and forth with ease, and a few of the tails too, allowing one to position them in all sorts of ways.

Sold as a set. Giraffe: 10 3/8" t x 6:" l. Pig: 6 1/8" l x 4": t. Dog: 11" l x 6 5/8" t. Camel: 7" l x 5 3/8" t. All in very good condition.