Handmade Humpty Dumpty Doll

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I've looked at a fair number of hand-sewn Humpty Dumpties, but I have yet to find one I like better than this! Sewn of linen fabric with an embroidered face, and stuffed with what I believe are beans, he's got a nice weight--no falling off the wall for this one! At the same time, I love that he embodies a feeling of instability and anticipation, with the blues of his eyes cast in one direction while the knees of his terrific long red legs point in the other, as if being chased in precurse to his tumble. (Plus those little black curls at the top of his egg head, and the little red bow!) 

10 3/4" tall x 7 1/4" wide when measured from arm to arm. He's definitely old, maybe 1930s or 40s, and appropriately worn. The fabric around his waist (where the red bow is) seems to have been painted and shows cracking, and there are a couple of small patches of loose stitching--on one side of the head and on the side of one knee, both pretty minor and there seems no threat of beans falling out!