Handmade Hide and Fur Mask with Double Eyes, Presumed Nunamiut, Alaskan

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This mask is one of the most extraordinary things I've had in my possession, for sure--a stunning, exquisitely crafted object that I find unbelievably beautiful and powerful. I I have done a fair amount of research, which has led me to believe that it is Native Alaskan, most likely made by a Nunamiut mask maker from the Anaktuvuk Pass--though I am not 100% certain, and indeed, this and the two others I have are superior to any others I have seen. Beginning in the 1950s, the Anaktuvuk Nunamiut began making Caribou hide masks--embellished with the fur of caribou, wolves, fox, black and grizzly bears, etc--at first for dances but then specifically to sell, for which they became renowned. Reflecting the specific skills and styles of their individual makers, these were sculpted around wooden head-shaped molds made for the purpose.

This hide used for this one is un-dyed, excepting a pinkish-red dye used one the cheeks, lips, and around the eyes. The fur, which is grayish brown, seems consistent throughout, perhaps wolf or wolverine. Below the top eye holes are a second pair of cutouts backed by hide pockets, into which painted glass "eyes" (pieces of glass painted black and white) were inserted (one is in place, the other I have, loose; it just needs to be re-secured.) The whole thing fits perfectly over one's head and face, staying snugly in place without need to secure it.

I purchased this and two similar (but wonderfully different!) masks at the estate sale of a gallerist and incredible collector, who had an entire brownstone on Newbury Street in Boston.  Her gallery focused on the work of Haitian artists as well as Kuna Mola (fantastic cut and embroidered hand-made textiles made by the Kuna people of Panamá), but her collection showed her consummate curiosity and taste for unusual handmade objects from around the world.

This hide shows some age but is this mask is in excellent, clean condition. It could certainly be framed, but I would rather hate to see it trapped behind glass and would myself be inclined to hang it directly on the wall via pins in the corners, or else display it tabletop over any sort of roundish object. It measures 14 1/2" from top to bottom along the exterior (raw) edge. and 15 1/2" across (I measured nose to raw edge when folded: 7 3/4" on each side.)