Handmade Hand Puppet with Painted Wood Face

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I don't know anything about the history of this old hand puppet, which I found at an antique shop in Maine and just could not leave behind--such humanity in this deeply carved and painted wooden face, with chunky screwed on nose and big drippy red mouth! And then this curly wool hair--or maybe meant to be a cap, as there is another layer of brown hair peeking out at the back of his neck. He's had a life for sure, with holes now in his grey knitted wool sweater as well as a couple in the purple wool robe underneath, but his terrific leather mittens remain in great shape, and he is great fun to animate. Quite and character and I think definitely not another out there like him!

18 1/2 tall x 15 1/2" wide with arms spread. His head measures about 3" wide.