Handmade Felt and Linen Monkey Hand Puppet!

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I'm a total sucker for a good puppet, especially a one of a kind handmade one, and this is definitely on of my favorites I've found. Very well constructed, the head and upper body are of good quality felt, with black stitching for the fingers of the terrific little hands. And then this wonderful long and flowy brown linen skirt, long enough to conceal your entire arm! A tube inside at the neck allows a finger or two inside to animate this endearing creature, while placing the far fingers in the hands. Really a good one!

Approx 24" long including skirt x 11" wide with arms outstretched. Head is about 3" tall. Overall very good condition, definitely with some age; there is a small hole on one cheek that I assume is a moth hole and a small patch of tiny holes on the skirt that I think are too. Otherwise, general light wear; t I think this guy was much loved and well cared for!