Handmade Vintage Miniature Chairs in Terrific Printed Fabric

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I found these in Vermont the other day and just thought they were charmers. It looks as if the black and cream pattern on the cloth fabric might have been hand-printed (in paint) by the maker themselves, but I am not 100 percent certain. Definitely quite a lot of work went in to them, almost as if constructed as upholstery practice exercises! There is some white residue along the seams here and there, glue I believe—not at all thick, just showing a little bit of a white crust—some of which I think might actually have been from the cream of the printed fabric (which adds to my sense it may have been hand-printed and was still wet enough to smear a bit. The feet of both chairs are metal, and the undersides sparkle!

Sold as a pair. Larger: 3 3/8” t x 2 1/2” w. Smaller: 2 3/8” t x 2 7/8” w. A little wear here and there but in good condition and quite sound and sturdy.