Handmade Beeswax WWII WAC (Women's Army Corp) Figural Candle

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I think this sculptural beeswax candle is a pretty extraordinary thing, and I have not been able to find another of its kind. Surely made during WWII, it represents a woman in the Women's Army Corps, the women's branch of the US Army--formed as an auxiliary unit (WAAC)  in 1942, and converted to an active duty status (WAC) in July, 1943. Ultimately, about 150,000 American women  served in the WAAC and WAC during World War II.

I'm so curious about the story behind this--whether someone or some ones made these to support the war effort, or whether it was made by, or for, a member of WAC. Or? Whatever the case, quite a wonderful little piece of history, and really a compelling object I think--carefully (lovingly, really) sculpted, then detailed with with brown painted cap and belt, lots of gold buttons, and red painted lips. And there is a wick visible at her toes!

It appears that her neck broke at some point but was carefully glued back in place and now seems stable. Otherwise, excepting a bit of paint loss here and there, she is in great shape. 7 3/4" long x 1 7/8" wide x 1 1/4" deep. I used a small piece of wood in a couple photos to elevate her a bit to get a little more light on her face!