Handmade 1908 Children's Story Book with Sweet Drawings

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This charming little book was made over two days in 1908 for the great grandson (Abbott) of its maker. He certainly seems to have been quite a sweet man, and not a bad rhymer, either! (Great Grandpa had a little kit; And he thought very much of it...But soon it grew to be a cat, and then, that was the end of that." :)  I  especially love the small drawings at the bottom of each page. Dripping with love, this would certainly make the ideal gift for a great grandchild again should one be so lucky as to have one!

5 5/8" x 3 7/16".  15 numbered pages, with the even numbered pages blank. Scattered small stains and one tiny tear in from the right edge of the cover but overall great condition. Simple brown rag paper cover with an "A" for Abbott, I assume, and hand-sewn binding with (somewhat fraying) red ribbon at top corner.