Hand-written Obituary for Beloved Cat Tige, 1880-1889

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This fun and wonderful thing is a hand-written obituary from 1889, commemorating the life of Tige, much beloved cat of the un-named author. It reads as follows: 

"The subject of this sketch was born April 1st 1880. He was at once chosen in preference to any of his brothers or sisters for her found great favor in the eyes of his mistess. From early kitty-hood he manifested a sweet temper and a smooth, not easily ruffled disposition, which endeared him to those with whom he lived. He did not manifest great force of character in gaining a livelihood but was so perservering in his efforts to gain attention and affection that he was readily granted a home and all that he required. And now that he has gone from us we can but feel lonely without him. It is supposed he died from the effects of a deadly potion mixed and administered by the hand of an enemy. As there were no marks of violence upon him we viewed his remains sorrowfully and Heinrich bore him tenderly to his last resting place, the old dog Schepp following as chief mourner. And so he sleeps under the apple tree and around him linger only loving and tender memories, and our hears are filled only with pity as we think of our dear old kitty. Dead. " 

Surely a must-have for a lover of all things cat, and inspiration for properly honoring all of dear pets!  4 1/4 x 5 1/4" as folded into a booklet, Good overall condition, the text is super clear and readable, but it is fragile, as the top line of the ink border on the front has burned through the paper and remains attached only at the hinge on the back side (pictured in second photo of cover). One could pretty readily trim it along the left edge in order to frame the cover next to the inside text, side by side.