Hand-Thrown and Sculpted Studio Pottery Hanging Stoneware Planter With Female Face

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I picture ivy streaming down the sides of this marvelous hand thrown and sculpted stoneware planter as it hangs from a high hook in a plant-filled sunroom. Vintage 1970s I would guess, perhaps one should wear a caftan while watering to complete the scene! It certainly puts me in that sort of an earth goddess-y mood, which suggests perhaps she is actually better used for growing herbs to complete dishes gleaned from Moosewood or my favorite, the Vegetarian Epicure (pub 1972), the cover illustration of which she closely resembles:)

Beautifully made, the lip of the planter is folded down to conceal whatever wire or rope would be strung to hang it, and it looks as great from the sides and underside as it does straight on. Seemingly never used, I found her at a wonderful estate sale chock full of mid-century and contemporary ceramics, and literally ran across the room to claim her.

9.5ʺin diameter by 5.75ʺ tall, with 4 holes evenly spaced around the top perimeter. Perfect condition but for a tiny dark scuff mark on her nose.
The planter is stamped with two marks on the bottom.