Hand-sewn and Crayoned Double-sided Cloth Mask

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I love a mesh Odd Fellows mask, which this one reminds me some of, but there's a different sort of satisfaction about those lines of sewing machine stitching on the cloth, framing the face in an off-kilter way, that I think make this really great. I also love that it was drawn upon on both sides, crayon I believe, perhaps one side a first attempt superceded by the other, but having the effect of portraying two sides of one character, the backside perhaps pre-lipstick and false eyelashes! I'd hang it on the wall and perhaps reverse sides now and then. I might guess 1940s-50s or so but am not completely certain.

7 1/4"w  x 7 1/2" t and in very good condition. The elastic strap is sewn down in a couple of spots, which one would need to easily snip should one wish to wear it.