Hand-sculpted Terracotta Women, Presumed Scandinavian--A Pair

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These little women! If I had a sister, would gift them to her!  I bought them at a sale that included lots of mid-century Scandinavian ceramics and glass, and would certainly guess they Danish or Swedish, late 60s or 70s. I just love those clasped hands at their waists, and those beatific little faces, and then the wonderfully varied impressed patterning covering most every inch of them, with the back sides just as great as the fronts. Plus the fact that one is just a little taller than the other, amplifying a sense of sisterhood. Really charming.

Unsigned. The taller measures 4 3/8" tall; the shorter 4 1/16". Both about 1 5/8" in diameter. The shorter has a hairline crack on the underside of the base; not visible unless turned upside down. Otherwise excellent condition. Sold as a pair as I think they should really stick together!