HOLD for HW - Hand-painted Yellow and Black "Sitting Service" Vintage Sign

Regular price $75.00

I found this sign in New Hampshire along with a terrific old orange-painted foot stool, which made me think about the various forms of "sitting service" this sign might point toward!And now as I update this listing, indeed, we are all doing a lot of sitting these days. I'm not sure where it came from, but it's pretty terrific, bright shiny yellow, with bold black letters and cut to an arrow at one end. 

30 inches long x 6 inches tall x 9/16 deep--large enough to command a wall but not overwhelming. Plain yellow on the back, and with two holes near the center to run screws through. Scuffs and scrapes all over and a little paint loss along the edges, but still reads bright and crisp. (Photos show uneven lighting; the color is consistent all over.)  Splitting a bit along the bottom edge toward the left as pictured, so best just to hang it then leave it alone!