Hand-painted Corrugated Steel Cutout Rooster #1

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I purchased this and two other roosters together but am listed them separately, as I think each has its own distinct personality, and it would understandable that one would not need all three (though I do think they are pretty great together!) I really love both the silhouettes and the color combinations on these, made all the better by lots off scrapes and wear....and there is something about the particular dinged-up cheerfulness of this one particularly that keeps reminding me of the fried chicken chain/front for Gus Fring's meth empire on Breaking Bad! 

11 5/8" t x 10 7/8" widest.  Painted on both sides. No holes for mounting on this one but it would be fairly early to drill a couple, or stick a hanger on one side, or just prop somewhere. It would also be happy stuck outside in the garden!