Hand-Painted Red Chinese Five-Drawer Mahjong Box / Jewelry Box

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This hand-painted Chinese jewelry box just makes me happy. I have learned that boxes like this were made to house Mahjong sets, but now it would make a terrific jewelry box. I love the shape of the silver pulls at the center of each of the five drawers, and the wonderful painted decoration everywhere, especially the two groups of rather mysterious looking figures in landscapes on either side of the box. Plus those handy carrying handles on top! 

There would once have been a panel that slid down in a groove in front of the drawers to "close" them in; it is no longer present, but if using this on a day to day basis I think it is better without it. The drawers are lined in black velvet, with the bottom drawer divided into several compartments. 

In very good vintage condition I would guess this piece dates to the 20s-40s. It measures 9 1/2" long x 6 3/4" tall x 6 1/8" deep.