Hand-painted Qajar Lacquer Box with Chaugun (Polo) Players

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So many lovely boxes in the world. This one is Persian, and I believe specifically Qajar period (1789 to 1925), late 19th c. or so I believe. Hand-painted on lacquered papier mache, one might first think the painting on the lid depicts a battle scene, but in fact these men on horseback are playing "Chaugan," more commonly known as polo, which is believe to have originated in ancient Persia thousands of years ago; look closely and you can see they hold mallets in their hands. I love their faces, and their richly colored costumes, and the horses, and the drama of it all, as well as the cheerful birds and flowers on every side of the box itself. 

5 3/8" x 3 1/4" x 1 1/8". Very good condition, with light wear to the lacquer mostly around the edges. Hinge in good condition; lid opens easily and closes flush, resting with a very slight overhang at front.