Hand-painted Porcelain Bowling Pin Dish with "A Record Breaker" Bowler

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A pretty fun and curious dish, and one that would certainly make a great gift for a champion bowler--and maybe also for a fan of the Big Lebowski, as I think this cigar-smoking character bears a fairly close resemblance to John Goodman! Perhaps it is actually Kegel (German 9 pin bowling) that he is playing, as the dish was made in Germany, but often one sees porcelain manufactured in one country and decorated in another, which I assume was the case here. I especially love the tornado of smoke rising from his cigar!

Earlyish 20th century I'd guess and it looks hand-painted to me, though possibly combined with transfer. It's seen some wear, with the gilding around the edges of the dish mostly worn away, and stains to the porcelain here and there, but no chips or cracks. Serve snacks in it, award it as a trophy, or hang it on the wall! 6 3/4 x 4 1/4 x 1".