Hand-formed Shino Glazed Tea Bowl or Chawan

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I'd use this beautiful shino glazed tea bowl or chawan (I believe it is a chawan rather than a yunomi, as it is wider than it is tall) for drinking tea, coffee, and everything else--it's as great tactilely as it is visually. Hand-formed, it is wonderfully irregular in form as well as surface, its character unfolding across 360 degrees. Really nice. (There is a second shino-glazed bowl I purchased along with this one; I'd guess is by the same maker and which makes for a great companion to this one, here).

This tea bowl is signed on the bottom with a name and several marks (see photos) but I am unable to decipher it. I purchased it from a dealer who had some very fine ceramics, but he had not identified its maker.  4" tall x 4 1/2" widest diameter; excellent condition.