Hand-drawn "The Thank You is the Latest Thing in Art" Antique Postcard

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This great antique postcard makes me think the thank you post card should become the latest thing once again! Just lovely. Hand-done in rich red ink on an unmarked back, and if it was ever sent it must have been enclosed in an envelope.

Addressed to Mrs,. Jane Saunders in Oneonta, NY, the back reads: " I was much pleased to receive the paper telling of Quenta's (?) admission to the cities of our state. I remember with much pleasure my delightful visit there and at your home, I trust you are improving in health. With kind regards to yourself and Mrs. Watkins. Your friend, Kathryn Turner. 

Very early 20th century I believe and in good condition, with a bit of staining to the bottom left-center of the front. 3 1;2" x 5 1/2".