Hand-drawn Stand-up Paper Soldiers on Horseback

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These are the sorts of things that I am incapable of walking away from--completely alive with the image of a child deeply absorbed in bringing imagined characters to life in order to physically enact war-time dramas at miniature scale, in addition to dripping with charm in and of themselves. And these two, with cardboard tabs on the reverse to stand them up, were definitely played with--gently I think, but they've been galloped around for sure. The neck of the figure in black, perhaps a priest (?) shows a crease (not a tear or a repair) that makes it look as if a bit bowed, which seems appropriate in concert with his outfit, and which I really like. A few minor fold lines on the legs of the horses too, but altogether in good shape, standing up fine, and stable and fairly sturdy.

Pencil and crayon on lightweight cardboard. Box measure about 3 7/8" tall and between 3 1/2" to 3 7/8" long. The tabs on reverse extend about 1" deep.