Hand-drawn Postcard: When a Girl Cryes

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This one made me laugh, including for the misspelling of "cryes" and I believe the last phrase, "fowl ball," should have read "foul bawl." Daffydills I believe was a line of comics, which I have seen published as postcards and also featured in a book; this hand-drawn postcard quite likely took inspiration from one of them, but is  definitely it's own special thing. I especially love the face of our crying girl, whose bawling I'd deem as fair based on the smug look on the face of the boy walking away! Signed (initialed) L.J.P at right, with the note: "How do you like my handmade postcard?"

5 1/2” x 3 5/16” and in good condition, with just a few ink smudges original to in its making. C. 1910s I believe.