Hand-drawn Pen and Ink 1907 Child with Spilled Ink Postcard

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I'm completely charmed by this antique postcard, hand-drawn in black and yellow ink and mailed in 1907 from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Perhaps it is especially because I keenly identify with this clumsy child! I can almost picture the exasperated mother mopping up the mess, then sitting down at the end of an exhausting day to share it with her friend, a Mrs. W.W. Johnston at Springfield Farm.

It's in pretty good shape for being more than a hundred years old and having been sent through the mail (I believe the address is G.B for Great Britain (?), but does show its age. There's a stain over the "t" in what, a bend in the cardstock weight paper near the lower left corner, plus bumps to all the corners (and a little loss the the upper right corner) and other little stains here and there. Still completely frame worthy as far as I am concerned; it certainly makes me smile every time I look at it!

5 1/2" wide x 3 3/8" tall.