Chinaberry Wood Carved "Parasite" Frog

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Part of the pleasure of being out hunting for things is discovering whole genres of things one never new existed. Like this frog! I've now learned that frogs carved from Chinaberry roots are a thing. Apparently, the Chinaberry tree is prone to a specific wood-parasitic infection which causes the tree branch to burst open, exposing the insides and creating the "root-like" features seen on this one. Carved with a knife and chisel, I think it's a pretty terrific frog to begin with, with nicely detailed face and all over spots, and then I love how its body gives way to the "root," making for a pretty dramatic perch. A charming little curiosity to have around! 

6 1/4" long x 4 1/4" wide x 3 3/16" tall.