Hand-carved Articulated Mannequin with Bright Eyes and Two Mended (Now Stiff!) Joints

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This hand-carved articulated mannequin has lived a life, with traces of what was surely a fuller head of hair on her pate, one bum knee, and one bum elbow too! But still she stands tall, and on her own (if stood in a stable position) and what a lot of time and care and skill went into making her. (And, to me, those huge eyes seem as if seeing straight into one's soul!) Stamped what looks like "Weber" on the back of her hips, which has not lead me anywhere. 

13 1/4" t x 3 1/2" wide at shoulders and hips. Both her left arm and her right knee have been repaired with glue to hold the parts in place and cannot be bent. The rest of her joints move pretty smoothly.